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We offer an introductory course that includes three lessons and a free uniform for $25. We hope you come try us out!

For your first lesson or class, just wear comfortable workout clothes.

After your third and final introductory class, we will ask if you’d like to join Zone as a regular member. Tuition is charged monthly depending at a rate based on your program (see details below), and entitles you to attend all regular classes. In addition to monthly tuition, you will also need a one-time gear package at a cost of $132.66, which includes a Zone backpack, footpads, gloves, and safety nunchucks. Tuition is by the month, with no ongoing contracts.

We have 2 programs:

Basic — Martial arts for the beginner to intermediate student. Includes basic instruction of kicks, strikes, self-defense, and fitness. Unlimited classes at $155/mo.

Black Belt Club (BBC) — For the student who wants step it up a notch on their training and go all the way to black belt. Advanced kicks and strikes, sparring, advanced, practical self-defense techniques, grappling, and advanced fitness. Unlimited classes at $180/mo.

4-6 — Little Ninjas

7 and up — Juniors

Experience levels are basic or black belt club (2 different curriculums).

Yes, we offer a $20 per month discount for additional siblings.